Esmerelda Q. Jones
Esmerelda Q. Jones

Welcome to my Web Thing

My name is Esmerelda Q. Jones.

I am an artist author activist
bibliophile builder-of-dwelling-places business-owner bohemian ballerina
culture-clashing creator
designer dancer
entertainer educator expat ENFP
illustrator improvisor instigator inventor
multipotentialite microbiologist
nomad neologist
painter poet playwright
7-on-the-Enneagram scholar

I’ve been to every united state and lived in nine of them.
I’ve been to 25 countries and lived in five of them. I’ve lived at sea.

As a nomad, I’m constantly exposed to different ways of living life. I’m always thinking about culture, its spell over every human being on the planet, and the things we do because of it. My favorite thing about being a nomad is the gradual erosion of my original acculturation and seeing it for what it was.